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How Do You Hit A Forehand Volley In Tennis

Tennis is a fun and relaxing game to play. While some people play it as part of utilizing their leisure, some have taken it professionally. One of the essential techniques in tennis is the forehand volley. Mastering this technique can help you become a well-rounded player.

So, how do you perfect this creative shot?

Getting Ready For the Shot

Like any other shot, you must have your eyes and mind on the ball during the play. Stand with your body facing the net and the opponent. All this time, you are following the opponent’s movements waiting for them to hit the ball. While spreading your feet at a shoulder distance, your elbow should be at a raised position, a small distance off your body. Resting your elbows on your body can delay you while taking the shot, so, keep it off and parallel to the ground as well.


The position of the racket and your grip on it is also a crucial consideration. Holding it in front of the shoulder enhances comfort, with one hand holding the handle while the other supports the neck slightly. You should then use the grip that you feel comfortable. Choosing the right grip is not only suitable for this particular shot but also other tennis volley techniques.

Returning the Shot

Once the opponent hits the ball, you need to be prepared for a return shot. The split step is a footwork technique that gets you ready. It involves jumping up for a small distance and spreading your feet wider upon landing. This technique helps you get prepared to move towards the direction of the ball.


To execute the forehand volley flawlessly, you need to approach the ball in a way like it is landing on the front of your body or head. Step forward with one foot and then transfer your weight forward moderately.

Final Thoughts

Forehand volley shot is easy but demands extensive practice for perfection. Therefore, you need to dedicate your time into practicing this stuff, and within no time, you will be amazed by how your overall game will improve.

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Ray Cerrone has regular podcasts wherein he focuses on providing advice to callers

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