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How Can We Help Feed The Hungry

Hunger is quite common in today’s world. This is because of the changing climatic conditions of the world as well as the growing poverty levels. Its quite unfortunate to see a fellow human being dying of hunger while some of us are trashing away food in large volumes.

There ought to be something we can do to see to it that a child and her mum do not sleep on an empty stomach. People tend to point the governments to feed the hungry but on the other hand its power is vested in its people. Why cant we stand up and just the extra step and start doing it instead of waiting for the government. Besides its no hard hustle being generous.

Feed Poor Children

You are just simply caring for a fellow human being just as you would like another to do if you were in the same situation. The hungry need mercy from those who are quite fortunate to have plenty by just offering them a meal on their table so that they cannot lack important nutrients in their body.

How do we feed the hungry? Below is more info here on how to do it:

Clear the fridge

If you are being good enough and not throwing food and instead just stocking your fridge instead, you do not need excess left overs. You need just what you can take which should be a sustainable amount.

Stocking your fridge with leftovers for too long may not be a good idea after all as the food may go stale or have funny tastes.

What you ought to do is just clear the excess that you do not need and give it out to the hungry. There are a couple of hungry kids and people everywhere who are looking for something to put in their mouth. You will find them in pits, scavenging left overs which are not quite healthy to their bodies.What you can do is just give your food to them and it wont cost you a thing. Instead your generosity will have made another human full and their day brighter.

Donate to a helping organizations

There are organizations that are formed solely for such needs. They include the Red cross which help feed the hungry. You can donate in terms of financial support which will go a long way in helping to buy food for the hungry.


These organizations are mostly NGOs which are run by individuals who collect such funds through various ways to buy food and give to the hungry. The second way to donate can be through, giving actual food to the hungry. You can give food to the hungry through such organizations. The food you give should be not perishable and actually be store-able in its physical form. This is because as the organization stores the food it will not go stale fast and meet its need.

Visit their homes and offer

Lastly you can help feed the hungry by visit their homes be it refugee camps, children’s homes or the street and offer food to them. This is the best way actually as you will have a chance to see how other people live and be able to appreciate life in another way.

You will get a chance to see how other people suffer because of food and how much hunger disaster is real. You will be making an impact to them as they will appreciate the fact that you took your time and go see them and give them food. You can have quality time with them as they feed. You can ask them how they are able to manage and just listen to their sufferings.

Children Eating

As much as these are short-timing methods to help feed the hungry you can also look into long sustainable programs so that they can be able to feed themselves without asking for aid. This can be through irrigation schemes, green houses and other programs.

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How Much Do Crime Scene Clean Up Crews Make In Detroit

Detroit is amongst the largest cities in Michigan and is definitely a commonplace you would expect a number of crime scenes. According to the most recent reports, an average of 3700 deaths is said to occur each year in Detroit, with most of them resulting from homicide and suicide, among other traumas such as illnesses and biohazard effects.

In the crime scenes, police would only investigate on the incident but never at all responsible for any cleanup services, and therefore, you need to hire some professionals for such tasks.

Clean up services in Detroit

Police line

All these scenes require some professional clean up to restore everything in place. There is quite a large number of clean up companies for providing quality clean up services in odor removal, homicide scenes, suicide case, disease outbreak control, as well as biohazard cleanup detroit services that are meant to ensure that all scenes are fully covered.

You may then be interested to know how much these cleanup crews earn from such services. We are thus providing this guide to get an idea of how much such companies earn from these cleanup services.

Cleanup crew salary in Detroit

The cleanup crew jobs in Detroit are currently paying an average salary of $25,298 yearly. The salary rhymes with that of other cleanup crews in the country, making around $25,405 every year. This is not a low pay as compared to other workers making about $16,431 yearly salaries for similar tasks.

If you are therefore looking for a cleanup job, Detroit can be an ideal place. However, you need to make an application on a better clean up position for better pay. Simply do some bit of research on the current clean up job advertisements and your preferred job position that would get you good pay.

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How Do You Hit A Forehand Volley In Tennis

Tennis is a fun and relaxing game to play. While some people play it as part of utilizing their leisure, some have taken it professionally. One of the essential techniques in tennis is the forehand volley. Mastering this technique can help you become a well-rounded player.

So, how do you perfect this creative shot?

Getting Ready For the Shot

Like any other shot, you must have your eyes and mind on the ball during the play. Stand with your body facing the net and the opponent. All this time, you are following the opponent’s movements waiting for them to hit the ball. While spreading your feet at a shoulder distance, your elbow should be at a raised position, a small distance off your body. Resting your elbows on your body can delay you while taking the shot, so, keep it off and parallel to the ground as well.


The position of the racket and your grip on it is also a crucial consideration. Holding it in front of the shoulder enhances comfort, with one hand holding the handle while the other supports the neck slightly. You should then use the grip that you feel comfortable. Choosing the right grip is not only suitable for this particular shot but also other tennis volley techniques.

Returning the Shot

Once the opponent hits the ball, you need to be prepared for a return shot. The split step is a footwork technique that gets you ready. It involves jumping up for a small distance and spreading your feet wider upon landing. This technique helps you get prepared to move towards the direction of the ball.


To execute the forehand volley flawlessly, you need to approach the ball in a way like it is landing on the front of your body or head. Step forward with one foot and then transfer your weight forward moderately.

Final Thoughts

Forehand volley shot is easy but demands extensive practice for perfection. Therefore, you need to dedicate your time into practicing this stuff, and within no time, you will be amazed by how your overall game will improve.

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Ray Cerrone has regular podcasts wherein he focuses on providing advice to callers

 Enjoy The Cerrone Show podcasts 


Welcome to The Cerrone Show — your fortnightly source of podcasts for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts! 


The Cerrone podcast has been established in 2010 with the aim of providing inspiration, tips, advice and guidance to those seeking to start their business, and to those newbie entrepreneurs. We feature on a regular basis some of the movers and shakers in the business industry with the hope of providing help to our audience. We also have podcast sessions on business strategies and advice that have been certified hits since we started in 2010. Feel free to look through our website to listen to previous podcasts and our current ones.  


Since we started, The Cerrone Show has been produced inside Ray Cerrone’s garage with a beautiful carriage-house garage door in Peoria. All of our podcasts are produced in order to provide help to all of you who want to establish or improve your business. Ray Cerrone is a long-time business consultant. He has been the architect of a lot of businesses, helping people from the 1980s onwards on how to establish their businesses and ensure its success.  


In 2010, he decided to establish this podcast in order to reach and help more people. Currently, he does the following types of shows:  


One-on-one interviews with business leaders 


On a regular basis, Ray Cerrone conducts interviews with business leaders, featuring their profiles, what they have achieved, and more importantly, the challenges and obstacles that they have faced in order to reach where they are now. He has tie-ups with the chambers of commerce and industry associations in Peoria and Arizona whose leaderships regularly guest in his programs. Because of this, Ray Cerrone’s show has even been featured in the media due to his high profile guests.  


Q&A nights 


Ray Cerrone hosts Q&A nights wherein he has regular online discussions with his audience. They post questions on the forum section and social media accounts. Ray Cerrone answers all of these questions on his podcasts. Most of the questions that are posed are oftentimes asking for tips and information on how to troubleshoot business problems. Sometimes, Ray Cerrone has a guest, usually a business influencer, who helps him respond to said questions.  


Tips and Advice 


Ray Cerrone has regular podcasts wherein he focuses on providing advice to callers. He encourages callers to call him up in order to discuss and provide details on their issues. The goal is not just to help the callers but more importantly, to encourage others to call and discuss their issues too.  


The important thing to note about The Ray Cerrone Show is that it has been shaped through the years by the reactions of the listeners and visitors to this website. If you would like to provide your own feedback on the show, visit the Forum tab or contact Ray Cerrone via email. He is always happy to listen to all of your suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the podcasts.  

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