How Can We Help Feed The Hungry

Hunger is quite common in today’s world. This is because of the changing climatic conditions of the world as well as the growing poverty levels. Its quite unfortunate to see a fellow human being dying of hunger while some of us are trashing away food in large volumes.

There ought to be something we can do to see to it that a child and her mum do not sleep on an empty stomach. People tend to point the governments to feed the hungry but on the other hand its power is vested in its people. Why cant we stand up and just the extra step and start doing it instead of waiting for the government. Besides its no hard hustle being generous.

Feed Poor Children

You are just simply caring for a fellow human being just as you would like another to do if you were in the same situation. The hungry need mercy from those who are quite fortunate to have plenty by just offering them a meal on their table so that they cannot lack important nutrients in their body.

How do we feed the hungry? Below is more info here on how to do it:

Clear the fridge

If you are being good enough and not throwing food and instead just stocking your fridge instead, you do not need excess left overs. You need just what you can take which should be a sustainable amount.

Stocking your fridge with leftovers for too long may not be a good idea after all as the food may go stale or have funny tastes.

What you ought to do is just clear the excess that you do not need and give it out to the hungry. There are a couple of hungry kids and people everywhere who are looking for something to put in their mouth. You will find them in pits, scavenging left overs which are not quite healthy to their bodies.What you can do is just give your food to them and it wont cost you a thing. Instead your generosity will have made another human full and their day brighter.

Donate to a helping organizations

There are organizations that are formed solely for such needs. They include the Red cross which help feed the hungry. You can donate in terms of financial support which will go a long way in helping to buy food for the hungry.


These organizations are mostly NGOs which are run by individuals who collect such funds through various ways to buy food and give to the hungry. The second way to donate can be through, giving actual food to the hungry. You can give food to the hungry through such organizations. The food you give should be not perishable and actually be store-able in its physical form. This is because as the organization stores the food it will not go stale fast and meet its need.

Visit their homes and offer

Lastly you can help feed the hungry by visit their homes be it refugee camps, children’s homes or the street and offer food to them. This is the best way actually as you will have a chance to see how other people live and be able to appreciate life in another way.

You will get a chance to see how other people suffer because of food and how much hunger disaster is real. You will be making an impact to them as they will appreciate the fact that you took your time and go see them and give them food. You can have quality time with them as they feed. You can ask them how they are able to manage and just listen to their sufferings.

Children Eating

As much as these are short-timing methods to help feed the hungry you can also look into long sustainable programs so that they can be able to feed themselves without asking for aid. This can be through irrigation schemes, green houses and other programs.