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This is for those who want to engage with our community on their business concerns. At the same time, this is also the page that is usually used by Ray Cerrone in his regular podcasts. Feel free to post or respond to issues and concerns here. Our only request is that you please refrain from using sexist and discriminatory language here. While we encourage the free flow of ideas and discussions, we strongly prohibit rude language.  

Ray Cerrone 

Hello everyone! I am looking for a new podcast topic. Your suggestions will be very much appreciated please.  

Crystal, 30 

Wow, hi Ray! Is it at all possible for you to feature women in business? I think it would be great to know about their experiences and to see if they experienced any type of discrimination as they were setting up their business.  

Barbara, 44 

That is such a great suggestion Crystal. I also would love to know about the experiences of successful women. I want to determine if the kind of challenges they faced in business were way different or similar to those that are faced by men. You see, even in the United States, misogyny is still ver much alive.  

Patty, 25 

What if Ray guests two people in his show, one a successful businesswoman and a man as well. That way, it would be easier for him and for us to compare and contrast their experiences and make our own conclusions.  

Barbara, 44 

Oh yes, I agree with Patty’s suggestion. That would definitely be great. It can be like a he said-she said type of interview. I am so looking forward to that.  

Ray Cerrone 

You made some very valid points ladies. I will definitely do that in an upcoming episode. Please watch out for it.