Detroit is amongst the largest cities in Michigan and is definitely a commonplace you would expect a number of crime scenes. According to the most recent reports, an average of 3700 deaths is said to occur each year in Detroit, with most of them resulting from homicide and suicide, among other traumas such as illnesses and biohazard effects.

In the crime scenes, police would only investigate on the incident but never at all responsible for any cleanup services, and therefore, you need to hire some professionals for such tasks.

Clean up services in Detroit

Police line

All these scenes require some professional clean up to restore everything in place. There is quite a large number of clean up companies for providing quality clean up services in odor removal, homicide scenes, suicide case, disease outbreak control, as well as biohazard cleanup detroit services that are meant to ensure that all scenes are fully covered.

You may then be interested to know how much these cleanup crews earn from such services. We are thus providing this guide to get an idea of how much such companies earn from these cleanup services.

Cleanup crew salary in Detroit

The cleanup crew jobs in Detroit are currently paying an average salary of $25,298 yearly. The salary rhymes with that of other cleanup crews in the country, making around $25,405 every year. This is not a low pay as compared to other workers making about $16,431 yearly salaries for similar tasks.

If you are therefore looking for a cleanup job, Detroit can be an ideal place. However, you need to make an application on a better clean up position for better pay. Simply do some bit of research on the current clean up job advertisements and your preferred job position that would get you good pay.