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This page is geared for those who have used our website and listened to any of our podcasts. Feel free to provide your testimonial here: 

Kris, 25 

Oh, I love The Cerrone Show! It is definitely is my go-to website when it comes to determining what steps I should take in establishing my business. I am a baker, I love baking cakes and I want to have my very own bakeshop soon. Through The Cerrone Show, I am learning slowly but surely all the things that I need to do in order to be successful. Listening to the podcast is a lot better than roughing it up on my own.  

Sylvia, 42 

With Ray Cerrone’s show, I feel very energized that I can still start my very own business even if I feel that I am doing this quite late. He has a lot of tips for would be entrepreneurs like me which I totally appreciate. I hope that Ray Cerrone continues his podcasts as he has really been very helpful not just to me but to a lot of people. More power to you Ray Cerrone! May your tribe increase.  

Kane, 35 

Recently, I have been having a lot of problems with my construction business, starting with my personnel and then my suppliers. I have consulted Ray Cerrone about this and he has given me solid advice through his show. It turned out that it was not just me who benefitted from this but also a lot of people who could related to my problems and who were also experiencing similar issues. Good thing that I called up Ray because he was able to provide specific advice that I was able to implement. He is truly a Godsend! Thank you so much Ray and I hope that you will continue to be a blessing for all of us.